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Why to Invest in Fire Insurance for Your Business

Your business is a major investment and passion in your life. It’s the source of your livelihood and a source of pride. These are reasons why it makes a great deal of sense to protect it and yourself in any way you can. Broadbent Insurance, Inc. sells many policies for business insurance in Newark, DE, and we’ll discuss why you should have them.

Let’s look at business insurance from the perspective of suffering a fire at your premises. Fire damage is among the most common small business claim and often among the most expensive to repair. A business fire insurance policy combines with your general liability coverage and commercial property insurance into one policy for comprehensive coverage. Such a business policy will cover the loss of your property and any customers’ property that happened to be on hand during the fire.

In addition to that coverage, it’s also a good idea to have business interruption insurance. You can add this as a rider to your policy. It provides coverage if the fire forces your business to close temporarily. It helps with expenses such as rent payments, salaries, debt payments, and loss of income.

You can always contact us at Broadbent Insurance, Inc., to learn more about insurance coverage for your business.