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What to Do If You’re in an Accident with an Uninsured Driver

In most states, drivers are legally required to have auto insurance, yet not everyone behind the wheel does. According to the Insurance Research Council, about 1 in 8 drivers don’t have coverage. Think about how many drivers you see on your daily commute; that’s a lot of uninsured people on the road!

So what should you do if you’re in an accident with someone who doesn’t have car insurance in Newark, DE? Follow these steps to make the claims process go smoothly:

Call the Police: Even if the damage is minor, call the police to get an official accident report. The report will make it easier to get your expenses covered.

Don’t Accept Money: An uninsured driver may offer you money to avoid legal repercussions. Don’t accept, even if it seems like a good deal; there’s no telling yet what your total costs will be.

Swap Information: While they won’t have car insurance information to offer you in return, you should still get their contact details and vehicle information. You’ll need to provide this to your insurance company so they can follow up with the driver.

Gather Details: Before leaving the scene, take note of the time and location of the accident, the name and badge number of the responding officer, and any other pertinent information. You should also take pictures of all vehicles involved, as well as the traffic signs and the direction of traffic.