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Save Money When You Add Your Teen to Your Auto Insurance Policy

dad teaching son to driveThe moment you’ve simultaneously anticipated and dreaded has arrived: your teen is now licensed to drive. That means less driving them to practice or rehearsal and more worrying about their safety on the road. However, it’s not just safety that you need to consider. With a new driver in your home, you need to ensure that your insurance policies remain cost-effective. There are three ways to save money when you add your teen to your auto insurance in Newark, DE.

Clean Driving Records

When you’re adding your teen to your policy, it’s also the perfect time to ensure that everyone’s driving records are up to date. If everyone on your policy, including your teen, has been accident-free and claim-free, you’ll likely see your rates drop. Insurance companies often reward their customers for safe driving habits.

Safety Features

As a parent, you’re likely to worry about your kids on the road. For this reason, it’s a great idea to install some new safety features, such as backup cameras, Bluetooth technology, or crash-avoidance systems. In addition to making your vehicle safer for your teen, these features can also reduce your premiums.

Multi-Car Households

Whether you’re rewarding your teen with a new car or passing down your old one, it’s beneficial to reassess your auto policies when your teen first starts driving. Placing multiple cars on one policy is an effective strategy for saving money on auto insurance.

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