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Your Home Insurance in Newark, DE, Covers More than Your House

That policy for home insurance in Newark, DE, serves as paperwork to give you peace of mind. You know that if a catastrophic event were to occur, you’re covered. This allows you to repair or rebuild your house in the event of a disaster.

By catastrophic event, we mean:

  • Weather, such as Wind & Hail
  • Fire, including Smoke Damage
  • Vandalism
  • Theft

More Than House Coverage

The coverage for homeownership includes insurance for condominiums, rental properties, and renters. And there is home insurance in Newark, DE, for other house-related items:

For instance, if a guest were to get hurt while at your house, the insurance company would pay immediate medical coverage for small injuries.

Another example would include expenses incurred when you couldn’t live in your house. If the washing machine overflowed and flooded the house, then you get money to help pay for expenses to stay at a hotel, dine out, and travel back and forth.

A third scenario would involve one of your kids accidentally throwing a baseball through your next-door neighbor’s window. Insurance takes care of this for you.

A good homeowner’s policy offers coverage you can count on when the unexpected occurs. Talk to your insurance agent about what your policy covers.