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Why Good Auto Insurance in Newark, DE, Is So Important

If you are a new driver or have never filed a claim, then it can seem like you’re making car insurance payments for nothing. The high cost mixed with the feeling of not getting anything in return can feel like it’s wasted money. However, car insurance does have an important purpose and is not a scam. Understanding what auto insurance in Newark, DE is for, and why it’s important, may alleviate some of your frustration.

Financial Protection

It is statistically likely that you will be in at least one accident in your lifetime, and unfortunately, the consequences may be deadly. With the minimum auto insurance required coverage in most states, you will be covered for some of the costs of the damage you cause in the event of an at-fault accident. To put it succinctly, auto insurance can protect you against financial ruin. If you cause a car accident, the injured party will get compensated. With no car insurance, you will be held personally financially responsible and can be forced to pay for all the damages out of your own pocket.

Vehicle Damage Repairs

Car insurance covers the cost of repair your vehicle after an accident, depending on the level of coverage selected. A vehicle is often a major expense, and you want to protect it. Comprehensive and collision insurance each offer coverage for physical damage.

Comprehensive Coverage – This coverage is for anything other than a collision. Fire, theft, vandalism, animal, and storm damage all fall under comprehensive.

Collision Coverage – This coverage protects your vehicle against accidents. It covers collisions with other vehicles and any inanimate object. You often need to pay a deductible before getting your repaired vehicle returned.