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When to File a Claim on Your Home Insurance in Newark, DE

When you’re considering home insurance in Newark, DE, many worst-case scenarios run through your head. Despite buying coverage for more major damages, you’d be surprised that a lot of insurance companies cover smaller claims as well. Companies like Broadbent Insurance, Inc. can help you determine what might be worth considering when you’re thinking about the possibility filing a future claim on your home insurance.

Generally, you should call the proper authorities for any major incidents such as a fire or theft; in the case of excessive damage, the insurance company may send someone to see the extent of the damage for themselves. It’s a good idea to file an insurance claim on your home insurance in these more extreme cases because that is why you carry home insurance. On the other hand, if you have some smaller things to claim, you need to know if your policy covers things like:

  • Drones
  • Tombstones
  • Sheds, gazebos, and patios
  • Personal Belongings for Kids Away at College
  • Items you Travel with, such as Luggage, Tablets, and Smartphones
  • Spoiled Food from Power Outages Originating on Your Property
  • Cost of Fixing Credit Reports in Identity Theft Cases
  • Unauthorized ATM, Credit, or Debit Card Use

Your home insurance company is there to help you cover as many expenses as is possible within the limits of the contract. Contact Broadbent Insurance, Inc., to learn more about how your coverage can work for you.