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Tips for Reducing the Cost of Your Home Insurance in Newark, DE

No matter if you’re reviewing your home insurance renewal or shopping for a new insurance policy, finding the lowest priced premium to cut your insurance costs and save money is especially important. While you might think your current price is already the best it can be, over time, your personal situation and the discount your provider will offer may change so it is worth looking into all the possible markdowns you could receive on your home insurance in Newark, DE.

The dedicated agents at Broadbent Insurance have compiled a list of a few ways you can reduce your cost of coverage without losing its provisions. Some of the credits and initiatives you can leverage include but aren’t limited to:

Home Improvement Credits: Also called new construction or renovation credits. When homeowners keep their home in good condition with updated features, many of the risks are reduced.

Loyalty Credits: These are discounts your insurer may be willing to offer if you have been with them for several years.

A Good Credit Score: A good credit score is directly related to lower claims incidence.

Water Protection Device Credits: Water damage is a massive source of home insurance claims, so if you have additional protection, some insurance companies will discount your premium.

New Homeowner Credit: If you’re a first-time homeowner, you may be able to ask for a first-time homeowner discount. Please note that not all providers will offer this discount.

Alarm Systems: While most homeowners focus on burglary and fire protection, many providers offer additional discounts if you have other protective devices such as cellular back up, low-temperature detectors, water leak sensors, video cameras, etc.

Impact Resistant Roofing: Impact-resistant roofing can substantially reduce your risk of structural damage due to hail and other objects falling. Some insurance companies will offer a discount for this.

Non-Smoking or Other Personal Discounts: Being a non-smoker may get you a discount on your home insurance policy because it could reduce the risk of experiencing a house fire. However, some providers will offer a discount based on personal credentials such as professional memberships, your occupation, your educational endeavors, and more.

Asking about these discounts will help you find the company that will offer you the lowest price saving you money on your home insurance in Newark, DE, without having to reduce your coverage.