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Things to Think About When Buying RV Insurance in Newark, DE

When the call of the open road strikes and you are planning to buy an RV, you are going to need coverage for it, too. At Broadbent Insurance, Inc., we’ll help by providing information on things to think about when looking for a policy.

Here’s what you need to consider when buying RV insurance in Newark, DE:

  • Travel trailer insurance only covers a trailer when it’s hooked to the vehicle which is pulling it, and it doesn’t cover a motorhome at all.
  • If you carry a truck bed camper, you might not be covered under your auto insurance. It’s best to get RV insurance for peace of mind.
  • Look at the replacement value you can get for the RV if it’s stolen or destroyed. This refers to the amount the insurance company will pay you.
  • Make sure you are covered for emergency expenses if you’re living full-time in your RV and it’s damaged. This includes coverage for alternative living arrangements.
  • Emergency roadside assistance helps you plan for those instances of accident or mechanical failure.
  • Collision coverage in storage is vital if you put your RV in a storage lot or warehouse for an extended period. It will protect your camper if it’s damaged during that time.
  • Liability insurance is always a good idea to have. In this instance, it helps you out in the case of an accident or injury that occurs around your RV.
  • If you have a lot of specialized, expensive equipment in your RV, make sure you have insurance to cover the replacement of this gear if it’s stolen.