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Before Your Maiden Voyage Invest in Quality Boat Insurance in Newark, DE

Ahoy there, skipper. Before you set sail with your new pleasure craft, make sure you have everything you need. This includes all the necessary supplies and fuel, but there’s even more you require. It’s vital to have boat insurance in Newark, DE, and the team at Broadbent Insurance, Inc. will tell you about it.

Like all types of insurance, having coverage on your vessel provides protection. Boats are not cheap, and it’s best to make sure they are protected in case of damage.

Boat insurance comes in several forms that parallel auto insurance in many ways. Collision insurance is self-explanatory, while comprehensive coverage helps in the event of theft, weather, or fire damage.

It’s also best to have liability insurance to cover actions that could harm others or their property. Medical payments protection kicks into action if you or your passengers are injured while boating.

Salvage coverage and pollution coverage are quite different from car insurance. If your boat sinks, having salvage insurance will help pay for the recovery, and if there’s a fuel spill during the sinking, pollution coverage provides funds for a cleanup.

For more information on boating insurance, you can call on Broadbent Insurance, Inc.